Bert George is an economist and public management professor who focuses on government strategy and performance. He is currently appointed as professor at Ghent University (Belgium) and was previously appointed at Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Bert’s research interests can be structured into two areas. Firstly, the processes and behavior underlying government strategy. This includes the application, practice and effectiveness of strategic planning and management in government, and the tools, individuals and teams involved in government strategic decision-making (i.e. behavioral public strategy). Secondly, the drivers and characteristics of government performance. This includes meta-analyses aimed at identifying factors that can enable or inhibit government performance, and work focused on measuring government performance taking into account the need for public value pluralism and purposeful performance information use.

Bert holds a PhD in applied economics from Ghent University (Belgium) and was a visiting PhD student at City University of Hong Kong.

E-mail: bert.george@ugent.be