Awarded the EURAM 2016 Best Paper in Public Management

The final paper of my doctoral manuscript (co-authors: Desmidt & Cools) has been awarded the Best Paper Award at the European Academy of Management – Public Management SIG (Paris, 2016). Honoured with this award!


The abstract of the paper is as follows:

Given the lack of insight into the micro-determinants of strategic planning effectiveness in public organizations, this study uses information-processing theory to investigate individual-level predictors of commitment to strategic plans among planning team members (PTM). Specifically, we investigate whether plan commitment is contingent upon the fit between PTM’s preferred way of information-processing (i.e. their cognitive style) and the systematic, analytic and rational information-processing system underlying strategic planning. Based on data gathered with 439 PTM from 203 Flemish municipalities, we find that PTM with a creating and planning style are committed to strategic plans because they find strategic planning a useful innovation.

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