Dr. Bert George - Strategy, Behavior and Performance in the Public and Nonprofit Sector

Assistant Professor of Public Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam) | Business Economist with a Heart for the Common Good


Over the past years, I have received numerous requests to advise public and nonprofit entities. Examples of public and nonprofit entities I have recently worked with and/or consulted for are the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Aarhus University (Denmark), School for Social Profit and Public Management (SSPM, Ghent University), Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Vlaams Welzijnsverbond vzw and Medisch Sociaal Opvangcentrum (Stad Gent).

In my consultancy and training activities, I employ an evidence-informed perspective. This implies that I draw on academic literature to offer best practices and insights into “what works” and “what does not” in a public and nonprofit context. Additionally, I have helped public and nonprofit organizations or other entities in their policy processes using surveys, experiments and meta-analyses. All funds gathered with these activities will be re-invested into academic research.

Strategic plan – scan

Does your organization or other entity already have a strategic plan, corporate plan, policy plan or some other type of system-wide plan?

There are many intricacies that distinguish a “good” from a “bad” plan. I can scan your plan and identify whether this plan includes the necessary building blocks and best practices based on academic insights. Additionally, I can scan the underlying planning process to identify potential pitfalls that might undermine plan implementation.

Strategic planning – training

Do you want to formulate a strategic plan, corporate plan, policy plan or some other type of system-wide plan or do you want to update such a plan?

Formulating a plan is not an easy endeavour. I can help you by offering a blueprint of what a strategic planning process typically looks like. Additionally, apart from offering a blueprint that you can follow, I can also present several best practices based on academic evidence in order to optimize the quality of your plan as well as maximize its implementation likelihood.

Strategic management – training

Having a plan is an important starting point, but it is not enough. Plans need to be implemented and evaluated. The cycle of formulating, implementing and evaluating plans is typically incorporated into a strategic management cycle. What are the building blocks of a typical strategic management cycle? How can public and nonprofit entities adopt such a cycle and what are potential pitfalls?

I am available for training seminars that address these matters and that can offer a blueprint on “how” to formulate, implement and evaluate strategic plans.

General research – support

Do you want to generate insights into your internal and external environment through surveys of key stakeholders? Do you want to ensure that this data collection process follows the highest academic standards and can be easily analyzed? I can electronically input, distribute and analyze your survey.

Do you want to implement an experiment based on information? Do you want to assess which types of information spark the strongest reaction from respondents (i.e. “nudge”)? I am an expert in survey experiments and can help you design, implement and analyze such an experiment.

Do you want evidence-based insights into the effectiveness of a specific management-related practice or policy? I can help you by doing a meta-analysis of the existing empirical literature tied to the practice or policy – thus ensuring and facilitating evidence-informed policymaking and management.

Contact me at george@essb.eur.nl

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