Teaching and seminars

PMOCBert is an expert in public management and has extensive experience in teaching public management-related courses. At Erasmus University Rotterdam (from 2016 to 2019), Bert has taught public management courses to bachelor students, master students and executive students from many different cultural and educational backgrounds. Courses include Strategic Public Management, International Public Management, Organization & Management in the Public Sector, and Public Management & Organizational Change. His average teaching evaluations are typically in the 8 – 9 range (on a 10-point scale). At Ghent University (from 2019 onward), Bert is teaching an introductory course Public Management to bachelor students as well as an advanced course Strategic Management & Policy to master students. He has also acted as a thesis supervisor for numerous master students on topics linked to strategy, behavior and performance in public administration.


SurinameIn addition to his formal university teaching, Bert is often asked to give (short or long term) seminars on topics related to strategy, behavior and performance in public administration. He teaches a two-week introductory course Public Management to executive students in Suriname at the FHR Institute as well as a one-day seminar Public Strategy and Governance to executive students from South-Africa at the Free University Brussels. He also teaches a one-week introductory course Statistics to master students in Finland at the University of Tampere.


BrabantOther recent seminars include, for instance, being a keynote speaker at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival in Brussels (Cities of People) on the need for grand strategies and strategists in public administration, an introduction to strategic planning at the Strategy Atelier in The Hague (NSOB), an introduction to strategic planning and management in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Province of Noord-Brabant) and an introduction to local public management at the Summer School on Local Governance in Zurich-Winterthur (ZHAW). Bert’s teaching interests and expertise thus include general public management & governance introductions as well as more specialized lectures on strategy, strategic planning and strategic management in public administration.


Applied research and assessments

SLOBert has frequently participated in applied research projects and assessments. Most of these projects and assessments have focused on the education policy field and included different levels within an education system (i.e. schools, regions, central government). Bert was part of an OECD review team that reviewed the performance of the education system in Georgia and Abu Dhabi. He specifically focused on strategy, strategic planning and strategic management at the system-level. Additionally, he was part of an OECD implementation team that developed and tested the Schools as Learning Organizations model in Welsh schools. This project resulted in a book on the subject and was even picked up by the BBC.


WalesCurrently, he is also involved in a research project with the OECD focused on the Welsh Department for Education and Skills as a Learning Organization. These applied research projects and assessments typically involve the drafting, distribution and analysis of survey instruments and/or a series of interviews as well as desk research. Bert is thus specifically interested in applied research projects or assessments focused on enhancing the performance of government – being at the local, regional or federal/central level – and investigating the role of strategy, strategic planning and strategic management concepts therein.

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