Dr. Bert George - Strategy, Behavior and Performance in Public Administration

Assistant Professor of Public Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam) | Strategist with a Heart for the Common Good


Over the past years, I have received numerous requests to advise public and nonprofit organizations and other entities. Recent examples include the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (France), Performance Management Office (Austria), FHR Institute for Higher Education (Suriname), Aarhus University (Denmark), School for Social Profit and Public Management (Belgium), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), Vlaams Welzijnsverbond vzw (Belgium) and Medisch Sociaal Opvangcentrum Gent (Belgium).

These projects either focus on teaching, consultancy or research. I have taught seminars, workshops and courses on public management themes such as strategic management, performance management and behavioral public administration to practitioners and students worldwide (incl. Belgium, Suriname, Austria, The Netherlands, South-Africa and Switzerland). I have acted as an expert consultant for the OECD on missions to Wales, Georgia and Abu Dhabi – in which I particularly focused on system-wide strategic planning and management as well as governance of education systems. I have also helped organizations develop elements of their strategic plan using specific strategy tools (e.g. goal identification, strategic issue analysis). Finally, I have collaborated with many organizations on research projects with both academic and practitioner impact – the most recent project being together with the OECD and focusing on schools as learning organizations in Wales.

Contact me via george@essb.eur.nl for any further inquiries.

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