Bert has been involved in many high-level applied research projects aimed at monitoring and evaluating the performance of public organizations at all levels of government. Recent international work includes assignments for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Abu Dhabi, Georgia and Wales, and for the European Union in Ukraine. These assignments have resulted in a variety of reports and, where relevant, academic publications. In Wales, Bert helped to develop, test and implement the schools as learning organizations model. In Abu Dhabi and Georgia, Bert provided advice specifically on strategic planning and management within education governance. In Ukraine, Bert helped to develop, test and implement a strategic planning and management system for local government (hromadas).

Some specific questions that Bert aims to address through his consultancy: How can you develop, implement and monitor a system- or organization-wide strategy? How do you link strategic planning to more continuous strategic management? How can you develop the necessary capabilities for successful strategic planning and strategic management? How can you become a learning organization? In his service, Bert looks for synergies with his academic work and always provides an evidence-based perspective.

Books and blogs that have resulted from his consultancy:

Book related to OECD mission in Georgia: Link.

Book related to OECD mission in Wales: Link.

Blog about strategic planning and management in Ukrainian hromadas: Link.