Publications & Awards

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2020 Louis Brownlow Award for Best Article in Public Administration Review with Practical Relevance – American Society for Public Administration

2019 Joseph Merlot – Joseph Leclercq Triennual Award for the Best Belgian Doctoral Dissertation in Public Economics – CIRIEC Belgium

2019 Most Cited Paper of 2018 in Review of Public Personnel Administration – awarded by Prof. Jessica Sowa (editor)

2018 Best Articles of 2017 published in Public Management Review – International Research Society for Public Management Annual Conference (Edinburgh, Scotland)

2017 Top Reviewer Award in Public and Nonprofit Division – Academy of Management Annual Conference (Atlanta, USA)

2016 Best Paper Award in Public Management – European Academy of Management Annual Conference (Paris, France)

2013 Best Paper Award of the PhD Symposium – European Group for Public Administration Annual Conference (Edinburgh, Scotland)

2011 Best Student Award – Master in Business Administration, Ghent University College (Ghent, Belgium)

2011 Best Thesis Award in Economics – Master in Business Administration, Ghent University College (Ghent, Belgium)

Research mentioned in the popular press

2018 School funding: ‘Inequality could hamper’ new curriculum roll-out, BBC Wales. => LINK

2018 Asiel voor een Syrier? De Morgen. => LINK

2018 Een fusie vult de gemeentekas niet, De Morgen. => LINK

2017 Zowel linkse als rechtse politici discrimineren bij aanwervingen, De Morgen. => LINK

Doctoral manuscript

George, Bert. 2016. “Unravelling the determinants of strategic planning effectiveness in public organizations: a strategic decision-making perspective at the individual and organizational level”. PhD series Ghent University. Ghent, Belgium: Ghent University – Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. => LINK


Li, Richard Ruochen, Hannah Kitchen, Bert George, Mary Richardson, and Elizabeth Fordham. 2019. OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Georgia, OECD Publishing: Paris. => LINK

OECD. 2018. Developing Schools as Learning Organisations in Wales, OECD Publishing: Paris. => LINK

Publications in journals indexed by the Social Sciences Citations Index


Kools, Marco, and Bert George. 2020. “Debate: The Learning Organization – A Key Construct Linking Strategic Planning and Strategic Management” Public Money & Management 40 (4): 262-264. => LINK

Kools, Marco, Bert George, and Bram Steijn (eds.). 2020. “Special Issue: Developing Schools as Learning Organisations: How and Why?” European Journal of Education 55 (1): 3-75. => LINK

Kools, Marco, Louise Stoll, Bert George, Bram Steijn, Victor Bekkers, and Pierre Gouedard. 2020. “The School as a Learning Organisation: The Concept and its Measurement” European Journal of Education 55 (1): 24-42. => LINK

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Gieske, Hanneke, Bert George, Ingmar van Meerkerk, and Arwin van Buuren. 2020. “Innovating and Optimizing in Public Organizations: Does More Become Less?” Public Management Review 22 (4): 475-497. => LINK


Audenaert, Mieke, Adelien Decramer, Bert George, Bram Verschuere, and Thomas Van Waeyenberg. 2019. “When Employee Performance Management Affects Individual Innovation in Public Organizations: The Role of Consistency and LMX” The International Journal of Human Resource Management 30 (5): 815-834. => LINK

Audenaert, Mieke, Bert George, and Adelien Decramer. 2019. “How a Demanding Employment Relationship Relates to Affective Commitment in Public Organizations: A Multilevel Analysis” Public Administration 97 (1): 11-27. => LINK

Audenaert, Mieke, Bert George, Robin Bauwens, Anouk Decuypere, Anne-Marie Descamps, Jolien Muylaert, Rufei Ma, Adelien Decramer. 2019. “Empowering Leadership, Social Support, and Job Crafting in Public Organizations: A Multilevel Study” Public Personnel Management Forthcoming. => LINK

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George, Bert, Richard M Walker, and Joost Monster. 2019. “Does Strategic Planning Improve Organizational Performance? A Meta-analysis” Public Administration Review 79 (6): 810-819. => LINK

George, Bert, Steven Van de Walle, and Gerhard Hammerschmid. 2019. “Institutions or Contingencies? A Cross-Country Analysis of Management Tool Use by Public-Sector Executives” Public Administration Review 79 (3): 330-342. => LINK

Goeminne, Stijn, and Bert George. 2019. “New Development: Determinants of Financial Performance in Public Organizations” Public Money & Management 39 (1): 70-73. => LINK

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Baekgaard, Martin, and Bert George. 2018. “Equal Access to the Top? Representative Bureaucracy and Politicians’ Recruitment Preferences for Top Administrative Staff” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 28 (4): 535-550. => LINK

George, Bert, and Sebastian Desmidt. 2018. “Strategic-Decision Quality in Public Organizations: An Information Processing Perspective” Administration & Society 50 (1): 131-156. => LINK

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George, Bert. 2017. “Does Strategic Planning “Work” in Public Organizations? Insights from Flemish Municipalities” Public Money & Management 37 (7): 527-530. => LINK

George, Bert, and Sanjay K Pandey. 2017. “We Know the Yin- But Where is the Yang? Towards a Balanced Approach on Common Source Bias in Public Administration Scholarship” Review of Public Personnel Administration 37 (2): 245-270. => LINK

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Desmidt, Sebastian, and Bert George. 2016. “Do We See Eye to Eye? The Relationship Between Internal Communication and Between-group Strategic Consensus: A Case Analysis” Management Communication Quarterly 30 (1): 84-102. => LINK

George, Bert, Sebastian Desmidt, and Julie De Moyer. 2016. “Strategic Decision Quality in Flemish Municipalities” Public Money & Management 36 (5): 317-324. => LINK

Book chapters in international books

Bryson, John, and Bert George. 2020. “Strategic Management in Public Administration” in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Public Administration, ed. Guy Peters and Ian Thynne, Forthcoming. => LINK

George, Bert, and Sebastian Desmidt. 2014. “A State of Research on Strategic Management in the Public Sector: An Analysis of the Empirical Evidence” In Strategic Management in Public Organizations : European Practices and Perspectives, ed. Paul Joyce and Anne Drumaux, 151–172. New York, NY, USA: Routledge. => LINK

Book chapters in national books

George, Bert, and Sebastian Desmidt. 2013. “Strategische Planning Als Dominante Benadering Van Strategisch Management” In Strategisch Management : Een Handboek Voor De Publieke Sector, ed. Sebastian Desmidt and Aimé Heene, 175–219. Leuven: LannooCampus. => LINK

Popular or professional press articles


George, Bert. 2019. “PISA is een middel, geen doel op zich” Knack => LINK

George, Bert. 2019. “Strategische Planning en Fusies in Vlaamse Gemeenten: Een Essay over Vlaamse Ervaringen met New Public Management-Hervormingen” Bestuurskunde – Aflevering 1 => LINK

Meyfroodt, Kenn, Sebastian Desmidt, Kevin Decock, and Bert George. 2019. “Een Gedeelde Strategische Visie in Vlaamse Gemeenteraden: De Relevantie van Politieke en Demografische Groepskarakteristieken” Vlaams Tijdschrift voor Overheidsmanagement – 2 => LINK


George, Bert, and Martin Baekgaard. 2017. “Ook Lokale Politici Discrimineren” => LINK

George, Bert. 2017. “DISSERTATIES – Unraveling the Determinants of Strategic Planning Effectiveness in Public Organizations” Bestuurskunde – Aflevering 3 => LINK


George, Bert, and Kenn Meyfroodt. 2016. “Terrorisme Aanpakken Vraagt Strategisch Staatsmodel” Knack => LINK

George, Bert. 2016. “Doctorandus in de Kijker: Bert George” VOSEKO Magazine => LINK


George, Bert. 2014. “‘Under My Umbrella’ in Hong Kong: Ongelijkheid En Sociale Immobiliteit Als Vruchtbare Protestakkers” Knack => LINK


George, Bert, and Sebastian Desmidt. 2013. “Het Strategisch Meerjarenplan” OCMW Visies 2: 23–26. => LINK

Desmidt, Sebastian, and Bert George. 2013. “De Essentie Van Strategisch Management” OCMW Visies 2: 6–11. => LINK

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