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At the heart of Bert’s research lies the ambition to unravel drivers of public sector performance. Indeed, helping public organizations achieve their core purpose and create public value is important, now more than ever. How can one measure public sector performance? What are strategic planning and management, and can these approaches help public organizations perform better? How do policymakers make important decisions, and how can public managers help in making these decisions informed, robust, desirable, ambitious yet feasible? Below, five flagship publications are mentioned that help to address some of these questions, by clicking on them you are forwarded to a page with an open access version of the article.

Does strategic planning help organizations perform better, and under which conditions?

Does red tape hamper beneficial outcomes for employees and the organization, and under which conditions?

How can we conceptualize strategy, strategizing, strategic planning and strategic management in public administration?

How can we use behavioral insights to optimize strategic decision-making by policymakers?

What are the determinants, characteristics and outcomes of strategic management in public organizations?