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At the heart of Bert’s research lies the ambition to unravel drivers of public sector performance. Indeed, helping public organizations achieve their core purpose and create public value is important, now more than ever. How can one measure public sector performance? What are strategic planning and management, and can these approaches help public organizations perform better? What are other drivers of public sector performance? How do policymakers make important decisions, and how can public managers help in making these decisions informed, robust, desirable, ambitious yet feasible? Bert’s research has been published in a variety of outlets, including books, top academic journals and high-level policy reports. Some examples of recent studies are included below, split up into three categories.

Some recent studies about strategic planning and management

What lies between the strategic planning and public sector performance relationship? A quantitative study using a combination of survey and secondary data: Link.

How do the people, process and plan involved in strategic planning contribute to successful strategic plan implementation? A quantitative study using multi-informant surveys: Link.

How do the cognitive style of planners and their perceived ease of use and usefulness of the process contribute to their commitment to strategic plans? A quantitative study using survey data: Link.

Some recent studies about behavioral public policy and administration

What is the effect of using inclusive pictures as part of a city branding strategy on the identification of youth with a migration background? Experimental evidence: Link.

What is the effect of valuation tools – such as cost-benefit analysis and citizen surveys – on political decision-making? Expermental evidence: Link.

What is the effect of gender, age and ethnicity on politicians’ preferences for hiring top public managers? Experimental evidence: Link.

Some recent studies about public sector performance

How can we benchmark COVID-19 performance data across countries? A conceptual and debate article: Link.

What is the effect of social norm benchmarks on purposeful performance information use by politicians? Experimental evidence: Link.

What is the effect of negative performance information on politicians’ attitudes to spending and reform? Experimental evidence: Link.