For a full overview of Bert’s publications, go to his ResearchGate. For a specific overview of his literature reviews and meta-analyses, click here.

At the heart of Bert’s research lies the ambition to unravel drivers of public sector performance. Indeed, helping public organizations achieve their core purpose and create public value is important, now more than ever. How can one measure public sector performance? What are strategic planning and management, and can these approaches help public organizations perform better? What are other drivers of public sector performance? How do policymakers make important decisions, and how can public managers help in making these decisions informed, robust, desirable, ambitious yet feasible? Bert’s research has been published in a variety of outlets, including books, top academic journals and high-level policy reports. Some examples are presented below.

Book on public management (Making Public Organizations Work – MPOW) aimed at courses introducing the subject (incl. case studies): Link.

Experiment on how to increase performance information use by politicians through the usage of social norm nudges: Link.

Experiment on the impact of valuation tools – such as cost-benefit analysis and citizen surveys – on political decision-making: Link.

Survey-based study focusing on the impact of the people, process and plan involved in strategic planning on successful strategic plan implementation: Link.

Conceptual study focusing on COVID-19 related performance data and how to benchmark such data in a meaningful manner: Link.